Social Media Consulting

 Social Media Consulting

Whether you realize it or not, attached to every application you submit is your entire online persona. Every tweet. Every Facebook post. Every YouTube comment and LinkedIn connection. It's all fair game to hiring managers. 

Did your mind just flash to a questionable comment you've posted on Facebook? Or perhaps a particularly nasty tweet about your boss, or an embarrassing photo of you a friend shared on Instagram. Any one of those things (and so many others) could cost you the dream job you're dying to land. 

Then again, maybe there's nothing online about you. No LinkedIn profile? No blogs? Not even a resume on a job board? How will recruiters and hiring managers find you? And even if they did, won't a non-existent digital footprint raise a lot of red flags? 

We're here to help. Our social media consultants will dive deep into your digital footprint and guide you in developing an online presence that recruiters and hiring managers will love.

Here's just a small sample of what a DreamWork Consulting social media consultant could do for you:

  • craft your complete LinkedIn profile, and help build your professional connections
  • update online information about you and your work experience
  • run damage control for past errors you've made on social media that may be affecting your career progression
  • teach you how to use blogging and tweeting to build your reputation for thought leadership in your industry
  • arrange the filming of a video resume, or even an entire YouTube channel to increase your credibility as a top candidate
  • show you how to navigate social media to uncover new job opportunities and resources
  • provide ongoing social media management, including the writing of blogs, tweets, LinkedIn articles and Facebook posts

Fee Structure

Our social media consultancy fees vary depending upon the scope of the work required. Please contact us for a free initial consultation and quote.