Employment Offer Review & Negotiation

Employment Offer Review & Negotiation


"Engaging DreamWork Consulting to help me negotiate my job offer was a great decision. At first, I was satisfied with the employer's initial offer and was going to sign, but thankfully my consultant took the time to review the offer with me, and pointed out some opportunities for increasing my total compensation package. In the end, I ended up with $25,000 more in salary than the company had originally offered, and an extra week's vacation!" - DWC client

It has been reported that, on average, employers are willing to increase the compensation of their initial offer of employment to a candidate by 7%. Multiply that by the number of years you'll work for a given company and just look at how much money and other perks may be up for grabs when you're accepting a new job. 

Sadly, job seekers leave most (if not all) this additional compensation on the table during the offer process. Why?

  1. Being offered a job can be an emotional event, even disorienting in some cases
  2. Recruiters and hiring managers have far more experience negotiating compensation than the average person, putting the lone job seeker at a significant disadvantage
  3. Nerves and/or a lack of confidence can lead a job seeker to not not ask for what they want
  4. A lack of information can make a job seeker unaware of their true market value
  5. So much emphasis is placed on monetary compensation, that most job seekers miss opportunities for negotiating other equally valuable and important aspects of their employment contract

But don't fear, DreamWork Consulting consultants are here to help you. Each employment offer review & negotiation service includes: 

  • a 30-minute session with a DWC consultant to uncover and articulate your ideal job offer, including desired monetary compensation, medical benefits, vacation, perks, employment conditions and more - ideally, you'll engage us early enough in your job search so that this session can occur prior to an offer being on the table
  • a 60-minute session with your DWC consultant to review your received job offer in microscopic detail, comparing and contrasting the initial offer with want you ideally want
  • market data on typical compensation received by peers in your industry and geographic location - arming you with the data and confidence to ask for your true market worth
  • recommendations from your DWC consultant on the details of a counter-offer
  • guidance and expertise throughout your offer negotiations
Conditions of Service:
By engaging DreamWork Consulting (DWC) for their Job Offer Review & Negotiation service, you acknowledge, and agree to, the following conditions of service:
  1. Service fee stated above is a minimum, non-refundable fee, paid in-advance of services being delivered
  2. Upon successful acceptance of your offer letter, an additional fee equal to 10% of the monetary value of any increase between the initial first-year total compensation package offered and the final total compensation package accepted; this portion of the service fee is due in full upon your acceptance of the job offer in question
  3. Due to the nature of job offer negotiations, DWC makes no claims nor guarantees regarding the outcome of any job offer review or negotiation
  4. While providing service to you, DWC nor its delegates act in the capacity of legal, financial or tax professionals; DWC strongly recommends that you seek out additional advice from such professionals prior to accepting an offer of employment
  5. These conditions of service are in addition to DreamWork Consulting's standard terms of service listed elsewhere on this site

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