Reference Services

Reference Services


What do your references say about you?

"I wouldn't hire him if I were you...
He never even makes his bed in the morning!

Actual quote from a candidate's employment reference, his mother.

For the average job seeker, employment references are an after thought, a list of individuals randomly thrown together with the hope their contact details (not to mention positive memories of you and your performance)  haven't changed over the years. Little thought is ever given to who you're choosing, why you're choosing them, and what value they'll add to your candidacy. 

Employers use reference checks to not only verify past work experience, but also to validate or eliminate any concerns about you that may be lingering for them. Choosing the right references can secure a job offer, just as choosing the wrong ones can sink your chances. 

DreamWork Consulting offers three different employment reference services, each available independently of the others, or in any combination. 

Reference Document Design
A certified DreamWork career consultant will develop a 1-2 page document, complimenting the design of your resume and cover letter, detailing your employment references, their contact details and any other relevant information. 

Reference Vetting & Selection
Our reference vetting and selection service begins with a 1-on-1 phone conversation between you and a certified DreamWork career consultant to discuss the desired goals your references need to achieve on your behalf (e.g. alleviating a specific concern a potential employer might have about hiring you), as well as exploring the full range of potential references you could utilize. Once a short list of references has been determined, your DreamWork consultant will independently reach out to each short listed reference and conduct a simulated reference check. After these checks are completed, you will have a follow up 1-on-1 conversation with your DreamWork consultant to debrief on how the checks went, and to make a final selection of which references you wish to use.

Reference Prepping
Even references with the best intentions are often unsure of what to say or how best to sell the experience they had with you. A DreamWork career consultant will have a 1-on-1 conversation with each selected reference and provide guidance and direction to them, coaching them on potential questions they'll be asked, and options they have for answering those questions.

It is important to note here that the purpose of prepping an employment reference is to ensure your reference is providing the best, most accurate, relevant information during a reference check, not to fabricate preferred experiences or skills.