Career Coaching

Career Coaching

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92,120 HOURS. That’s how many hours the average person spends working in a job during their lifetime, and it’s the equivalent of over ten and a half years. How do you want to spend that time?

Our guiding principle at DreamWork Consulting is simple: Love what you do, and do what you love. 92,120 hours is a heck of a long time to spend doing something that you’re not passionate about; that doesn’t make you jump out of bed on a Monday morning with unbridled excitement for the week ahead. If what you’re doing isn’t what you love, then it’s time for a change. Right now. Today.

We’re here to help.

Your certified DreamWork career coach will work passionately with you during 1-on-1 sessions (each approximately 1 hour in length), guiding you through the stages and steps to landing your dream job. Specifically, your career coach can guide you in:

  • finding and exploring new career options
  • articulating your dream job and what your career path look like
  • defining your professional profile and the unique qualifications and strengths you possess
  • determining what training and education you’ll need, and laying out a plan for how you’ll obtain it
  • building the materials (e.g. your resume) and online presence you’ll need
  • designing and implementing a bespoke job search strategy that leverages every resource at your disposal (even those you didn’t know where there)
  • honing your professional networking skills
  • perfecting your interviewing ability, so you can crush every job interview
  • thoughtfully considering and negotiating job offers to ensure the best possible outcome for you
  • assessing your current role, compensation package and career trajectory
  • staying motivated and on track throughout your career

Making bold changes in your career can feel daunting, at times even impossible, but the rewards of leaving a dissatisfying career, for something you feel passionate about, far outweigh any challenge you’ll face. And we’re here for you, every step of the way.