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3 Common Types of Interview Questions

It's unlikely an interviewer will ever provide you in advance with a list of the questions they'll be asking you during the interview. Don't panic though, you can get the next best thing right here: a list of the TYPES of questions an interviewer is likely to use, and a structure for answering each of the various types. TYPE 1: SITUATIONAL QUESTIONSThese questions establish a hypothetical situation, and ask you to detail how you would react in that given situation. For example, an interviewer may ask: "Pretend you are working on a project and realize you won't finish by the deadline your boss gave you. What would you do?" Situational questions have fallen out of favour with most interviewers, but you'll...

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself
When Selecting Professional References

You've applied for a new job, and have successfully completed an interview or two with the company. Now the hiring manager is asking you for a list of references. What do you do?  After spending over a decade as an executive recruiter, career transition consultant and coach, I find most candidates are unprepared when it comes to references and end up hastily providing the first three former managers or co-workers they can think of. This is a dangerous practice if you want to secure the job you're being considered for. Although companies typically use references to simply confirm a hiring decision they've already made, a poorly selected reference may end your chances at that dream job. SELECTING YOUR REFERENCES Just as you customize...

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